Tepet Tilis Runuwa


Tepet Tilis Runuwa was a talonlord in the Vermilion Legion when a scalelord named Edon was possessed by a demon and turned into forsaken. Despite a near fatal wound, she both drove the demon off and killed his abomination ally — vile get of an unholy union between a wave spirit and a human.

After weeks of recovery (no time at all considering the extent of her injury) Runuwa split her time between her duties and tracking any rumor of the demon that escaped her.

The appearance of multiple demons in Juche just illustrated the problem. The Scarlet Empire had become weak and corrupt. Too many dynasts neglecting their duties in favor of politics and vice.

When the house war began, Runuwa was charged with securing the Isle of Sweet Radiance against encroachment by the decadent House Peleps.

Tepet Tilis Runuwa

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