Bright Bulls

The Bright Bulls were Vedon’s original followers. They were initially a group of highwaymen from Harborhead. Vedon awed them by showing his Solar nature and took them under his wing.

Vedon brought a handful of them to the Blessed Isle, but became separated from them. Final Shark is the ranking soldier of the five on the Blessed Isle.

The remainder stayed in the Threshold and made their way to Chiaroscuro.

After many months and taking the long way through the Elemental Pole of Fire in the South, Vedon reached Chiaroscuro and was reunited with Stone Ally. Soon Vedon discovered that one of his lieutenants had lost faith in his eventual return. Blind Abyss took off with a small following for points east.

When the Huge Eye in the South disappeared at the end of Calibration giant scales in the sky fell and disgorged a green armored legion. To bolster the quickly overwhelmed forces, Vedon, the Bright Bulls, and a stranger named Ox of the Land wandered the city crushing the invaders who were quickly driven back into their scale ships and retreated under the nearly unbreakable glass.

At the encouragement of Teeli, Vedon and the Brigh Bulls entered the tunnels beneath the the glass of Chiaroscuro to free a goddess capable of holding of encroachments by the Wyld.

In one of those tunnels the Bright Bulls found their final defeat at the stingers of giant wasp-bees. Faced with a horrible slow death as hundreds of insect eggs hatch under their flesh, Vedon chose to grant them a swift death in their sleep.

Vedon’s new army is called the Veiled Spears

Bright Bulls

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