Veiled Spears

Vedon’s current military unit.

After learning from Amaya of Blind Abyss’s whereabouts, Vedon traveled to Aj-Aran to demand a reckoning.

But the long trip, coupled with a promise to Amaya to not kill him outright, gave him time to reconsider if Blind Abyss really did Vedon wrong — other than sending Amaya to kill him (which as assassinations go was a dismal failure).

Two inspirational speeches later — capitalizing on the audience’s desire to be amazing and not be killed — Vedon proved that Solars are really good at co-opting existing groups for their own benefit.

After a couple of jobs on behalf of Lilac Conmal eliminating local threats, Vedon led the new force back to Chiarcoscuro to meet up with the ships sent by Anuradha to bring the Circle to the Isle of Sweet Radiance.

After returning from the Isle of Sweet Radiance and escaping other unspeakable scenes, Vedon recruited many desperate Delzhan who were being blocked from entering the Chiarcoscuro Old City.

Veiled Spears

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