Andross Niketan the Unbinder


Names: Andross Niketan, the Unbinder
Concept: Cowboy Crafter Exalt Type: Solar
Player: Shivam Virtue: Compassion Caste: Zenith
Chronicle: The Revolution of Shining Metals Vice: Pride Circle:
Motivation: End Slavery
Intimacies: – Jade Daiclave, – Kizerdrix,
Anima Banner Appearance: White Horse with Flaming Golden Mane and bright blue eyes
Anima Banner Power: +Essence to Damage v. Creatures of Darkness, Touch corpses to send soul on to afterlife

Power Presence ●●●●○ Strength ●●○○○
Finesse Intelligence ●●○○○ Dexterity ●●●●●
Resistance Composure ●●○○○ Stamina ●●○○○

Skills Other Traits

Athletics ●○○○○ Merits Health
Bureaucracy ●●○○○ Artifact (Buff Jacket) ●●○○○ ●●●●●●●○ ○ ○
Craft ●●●○○ Resource ●●●●● □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Integrity ●○○○○ Cult ●●○○○ Willpower
Investigation ○○○○○ Manse (Oasis) ●○○○○ ●●●●●●● ○ ○ ○
Larceny ○○○○○ Influence (Oasis) ●○○○○ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Lore ○○○○○ Influence (Hermitage) ●○○○○

Contact ●○○○○ Motes

Manipulation ○○○○○ Charms □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Medicine ○○○○○ Ranged (Quickness) ●●●○○ □ □ □ □ □| □ □ □ □ □
Melee ○○○○○ Pilot ●○○○○ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Performance ●●●○○ Craft ●○○○○ Essence
Pilot ●●●○○ Survival (Resistance) ●●○○○ ●●● ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Ranged ●●●●○ Performance ●○○○○ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □
Survival ●○○○○ Integrity ●○○○○ Enlightenment
War ○○○○○ Survival (armor) ●●○○○ 10 _______________________ ○
Specialties _________________ ○○○○○ 9 ________________________ ○
Jewelry (Craft), Mounted Combat (Ranged) ○○○○○ 8 ________________________ ○
Slick Salesman (Bureaucracy) _________________ ○○○○○ 7 ________________________ ●
Size ________5___________ _________________ ○○○○○ 6 ________________________ ○
Speed _____11__________ Panoply 5 ________________________ ○
Initiative ______6__________ Flame Piece 1 dmg/5 ticks___ 4 ________________________ ○
Physical Defense_4p/2m ____ Buff Jacket (normal and arti)____ 3 ________________________ ○
Armor _________2_________ Manse Rock (+3 heal)_____ 2 ________________________ ○
Mental Defense___________ ___Jade Bow 6 ticks/4 dmg/14 dice____ 1 ________________________ ○
Experience _____20/81____ ____________________________
Action Total Attribute Skill Equipment Other
Melee Attack Strength Melee Weapon Damage
Ranged Attack Dexterity Ranged Weapon Damage
Passive Dodge* Dexterity Armor Bonus Armor Penalty
Manipulate Person** Presence Manipulation +/- Social Modifier
Perform for Group** Presence Performance +/- Social Modifier
Interrogate Person** Intelligence Investigation +/- Social Modifier
Passive Mental Defense* Intelligence +/- Social Modifier
Mass Melee Attack Strength Melee Might War
Mass Ranged Attack Dexterity Ranged Might War
Mass Defense* War Armor Bonus Drill

Reduce by 1 after each attack. Refresh at the beginning of each action.
During combat, subtract 5 from non-intimidation Social dice pools



Description: He is 6’5, dark skinned, with purple eyes and shockingly white hair, pulled back in a pony tail. He wears a cowboy style hat and a off white, reinforced buff jacket with silver buttons. His current mount is a jungle green Simhata, and he carries a jade long bow, a quiver of arrows, and a pair of old tarnished flamepieces. He keeps a pair of fighting gauntlets in his saddlebags for when he runs out of arrows, or finds himself unable to fight at range.
In his bags he carries fancy artisan tools, and often a bag of sand and glass chips for inspiration.

Andross Niketan was born to a nomadic tribe in the deep southern deserts. As a child, he lived with a tribe of camel herders in a hardscrabble existence. A group of slavers raided his camp, killed off all of the adults, and took the children to the slave markets of Gem, where Andross was sold to House Arbani.
They set him to work in the mines, where he was set to working as a gem carver due to his delicate hands. His skills were amazing, and incited jealousy in the merchant-slaves and masters, and Andross was falsely accused of theft and thrown into jail. He was brought before a Magistrate, who noticed Andross’s unique skills, charisma and incredible accuracy with the Arbani Firewands, and offered a plea bargain deal to become one of the Magistrate’s Archons, focusing on sniffing out heresies and political dealings among the merchant slaves of Gem.

The Magistrate, Numintor, heard of a Zenith exalt who had been fomenting unrest amongst the slaves of the mines, and gathered his Archons to hunt this anathema down. Realising that the Golden Bull would be too much even for him, Numintor appealed to Lo Shan, the Seventh Doorway, one of the Local Gods of the south, and together they attacked the Solar and beat him pretty soundly. As Andross prepared to aim the killing blow, he made eye contact with the anathema’s caste mark, and his eyes opened and filled with glowing golden light. Andross heard the voice of the Unconquered Sun ring through his body, and charge him with the task of undoing the wrongs of the empire, and freeing the oppressed slaves of the southlands. He turned, newly exalted, and scattered his former fellows, killing the Archons. The downed solar dusted himself off and joined Andross in the battle, introducing himself as Salome, the one sent to clear the way for the return of the Unconquered Sun. They joined together to fight Lo Shan, the God of of the Seventh Gate of Gem, and managed to defeat him through a combination of Salome’s occult knowledge and Andross’s newly discovered reflexes. Lo Shan fell backwards into a gateway to nothingness, screaming a curse onto Andross—“Beware the doorways, exalt! For one day you will cross the threshhold and find nothing but oblivion on the other side!”

As Andross came to terms with his new powers, he heard a rustling sound behind him. Feeling a tug on his robes, he turned and saw a group of shy, trembling people avoiding his gaze. They explained that they had been the former cult of the now-dead Lo Shan, and had been the hereditary guardians of the seventh gate of Gem. They begged that Andross accept their worship, as they now feared for their lives from the vengeful lords of the city. Andross reluctantly took over the cult, and looked at it as less a divine contract so much as a promise of protection for his worshippers. Every slave he managed to free came into his cult, as that was the only way Andross could ensure they stayed free.

Before he became too entrenched in the battles in the south, Andross received a vision from the Unconquered Sun to travel the world and discover the other injustices that were out there, and to gather allies to end the grip of slavery once and for all. The Unconquered Sun granted Andross a vision of his First Age body, a young looking woman by the name of Hyacinth, the Forgiver. She was in charge of the department of reformation of criminals. She rode through the land on the back of a verdant green Simhata known as Twisted Frond. When she was at the Halls of Justice, her steed was cared for by her devoted servants, the Golden Stallions. This clan of footmen and stablehands cared for and guarded her mounts, breeding and maintaining the lineage of Twisted Frond through the lengthy life of The Forgiver. After her death at the hands of the Dragon Blooded, the Golden Stallions split their family in half, with one half taking up guardianship of her tomb, now located on the island of Skag, and another guarding the lineage of Twisted Frond, located somewhere in the Wailing Fen in the South. Andross saw in her tomb, two flame pieces crossed over her coffin, embossed with the seal of the Unconquered Sun on the handles, and an image of a golden stallion on the barrel. He knew these to be her weapons, Atonement and Redemption, and that they were his burden to bear. The Unconquered Sun ended with a vision of all of the slaves of creation, and a burning message to Andross that he must right the wrongs that befell his First Age soul, and free those unfairly held in bondage by the criminals and monsters who hold sway, offering them a chance at Redemption and an opportunity for Atonement, and the Sun’s justice should they refuse. The time for Forgiveness has passed, and the time for Release has come.

So now Andross travels with his flamepieces and his camel, trying to stop slavery wherever he sees it, while maintaining the Cult of the Freed in the small towns surrounding Gem in the southlands.

His manse is located on an Oasis deep in the desert to the north of Gem, surrounded by friendly tribes of the Dune people, who distract slavers and other mercenaries hired by Gem, preventing them from finding the heart of his cult.

Since this time, Andross has found his Simhata, extended his influence over the areas of Oasis and Hermitage, and become a renowned artist and art dealer.

NPCs- Magistrate Numintor, who bears a grudge against his former servant
Lo Shan, the Seventh Doorway, god of a particular gate in Gem, whose cult was stolen.
Salome, friend and onetime ally who helped banish Lo Shan (zenith caste)
Soltanus, high priest of the Cult of the Freed
Al-Beruni, trader and merchant who leads a caravan of 100 camels through the deserts of the Southlands and is a friend and sympathizer. Helps ferry freed slaves to Cult camps, and brings information to Andross (contact, 1 dot)

Andross’s money comes from the profits of his freed slaves, who now create jewelry and mine gems on his behalf, though under humane conditions, as well as from trade caravans that his people commandeer.

Andross Niketan the Unbinder

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